REVIEW: VULTURE “The Guillotine” – High Roller Records

You will be amazed to find out this wasn’t recorded in 1984.

There have been a fair share of “throwback” or “old school” Metal bands in recent years, which has become my favorite sub-genre, but none have gone as far as Vulture. They literally transport you back in time, well, maybe not literally, but I felt my head spinning with the memories of the early 80’s when I started getting into Metal.

I fully admit I was a pussy at first, Mercyful Fate scared me, Metallica’s first couple were so abrasive to me at the time, and I downright though Grave Digger was God-awful.  Well, I quickly got over that and Thrash Metal continues to be my go-to when I’m driving around or just hanging out. That’s why I’m in love with this Vulture release, yes, I literally love it.

Everything about this release bleeds 80’s, including the use of creepy music that sounds like a Dario Argento movie soundtrack. The production is dead on as well, the vocals have a shitload of reverb and the album sounds like it was recorded in a damn steel shed, and it’s fucking awesome.

The Germans can play too, extremely tight, fast as hell, blistering solos, monster bass and some killer drumming from S. Genozider, who also plays guitar (I can’t confirm if it’s at the same time however).

L. Steeler’s vocals channel everyone from King Diamond to Dave Mustaine to something even more evil and guttural. Admittedly there are some modern elements in his vocal style, but he channel’s the days gone by as well as anyone out there. Steeler’s work on the album should really be commended.

As far as the individual songs, I have to be honest, that didn’t matter to me, I listened to the album in it’s entirety and enjoyed the musical journey. The songs go in several directions, keeping your guessing and listening attentively.  I’m really excited about this band and the future of Metal as artists continue to look to the past to build the future.

L. Steeler – Vocals
M. Outlaw – Guitars
S. Genozider – Guitars & Drums

A. Axetinctor – Bass

Track Listing:

01 Vendetta
02 Clashing Iron
03 Triumph of the Guillotine
04 Electric Ecstasy
05 Adrian’s Cradle
06 (This Night Belongs) to the Dead
07 Paraphiliac
08 Cry for Death

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