REVIEW: THE EROTICS “United We Can’t Stand”

New York trash n’ rollers return with 8 new tracks of sleaze.

The Erotics have become one of rock’s longest running bands and have recently put out their “20 Years Of Nothing To Show For It“.  This is a bold statement, but they are perhaps one of the most universal bands on the planet right now.  Why?  Well, you’re hard pressed to find a band that somehow brings punk and glam together so seamlessly.

Frontman Mike Trash consistently put out solid product for the past 2 decades that would appeal to the 80’s rockers as well as the Punk crowd. Normally there’s a divide between the two, but Trash’s ability to be pissed off on a number of subjects appeals to the crowd that grew up on The Sex Pistols and The Ramones. They’re 10 times more “punk” than Green Day ever thought of being.

Perhaps its the band’s struggles during the worst couple of decades of music that keeps Trash fueled with his aggression and sarcasm. Maybe that’s just who he is, but either way, he’s always able to translate his emotions to the music.

The Erotics also have elements of Alice Cooper and Kiss in the music, and as a fan of both legendary bands, I’ve found a lot that I can relate to music in their Music.

“United We Can’t Stand” is another great collection of songs that show off Trash’s twisted sense of humor and his ability to play on words. The title track seems to basically call the younger generation a bunch of losers (I’m paraphrasing), which again shows that Trash gives little fucks about who he offends, which is extremely refreshing in this day and age.

“Steroids And Cocaine” is more of a cautionary tale of fame and fortune that contains some of his classic use of the word “motherfucker”.

“Ain’t Talkin’ To You” and “Big Beautiful Wheels” are the type of dirty rock n’ roll we expect from The Erotics.  The whole album is consistently solid with tracks of nasty punked out rock.

The production is appropriate for the music, meaning it’s not overly slick and it’s not perfect, which in my opinion makes it more appealing. You almost feel like you’re listening to them live.  It’s so far removed from what you hear in modern rock nowadays, which might be the best compliment I can give them.

I highly recommend you pick up this one AND their “Best Of” release to either introduce or catch up with The Erotics.

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