REVIEW: SINNER “Tequila Suicide”

Mat Sinner is “back on trail” with a new lineup and album.

Mat Sinner is simply the hardest working man in the business.  He has it all down now, put out a PRIMAL FEAR album and tour, ROCK MEETS CLASSIC tour, find time for bands like VOODOO CIRCLE and then crank out a SINNER album every few years as well.  It’s a grinding schedule, but it’s reality for most musicians in this day and age.

Having said that, are the releases suffering or getting watered down? Judging by the latest SINNER release I have to say that everything is STILL on trail.  Sinner has always kept the quality of his releases at a high level. PRIMAL FEAR’S last release was amazing and “Tequila Suicide” is a solid SINNER album. I’m not going to get into where it ranks since the band has been around since 1982, you can’t even compare this to the early days, so many things have changed like recording, budgets, etc.  I will say that this one has some of the best songs I’ve heard from SINNER in awhile.

The opener “Go Down Fighting” is a classic SINNER anthem. Great song that reminds us that SINNER will probably be around for quite some time.  The title track for “Tequila Suicide” is similar to the Thin Lizzy style the band has had for over a decade now, it’s just an awesome driving down the highway song. “Road To Hell”, “Loud And Clear”, and “Dragons” both have very memorable choruses that SINNER is known for.

“Battle Hill” was a departure for the band, at least in recent memory. It leans a little towards a SABATON style song in some ways.  “Sinner Blues” and “Dying On A Broken Heart” were both nice mid-tempo ballads that fit Sinner’s raspy delivery.  My personal favorite song was “Gypsy Rebels”, which leaned more towards the Metal side of Sinner we heard on “Judgement Day” 20 years ago.

Bottom line, if you’re a fan of SINNER you won’t be disappointed.  The album’s production is exceptional and the songs are solid. Mat Sinner is really a machine the way he’s able to maintain this level of quality on all his project.  Tom Naumann is also back for the first time since 2007 on guitar as well so it this certainly feels like a familiar SINNER release.

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