REVIEW: NUKEM “Unholy Trinity”

San Diego-based Thrashers will please all Metalheads.

A force to be reckoned with. Nukem personally brings me back to the 80’s with a B-Movie Horror vibe and their traditional no-nonsense Thrashing Metal. They’re a relatively new band, but these guys are veteran players.  Vocalist/Guitarist Steve Brodgen is an extraordinary frontman.  Drummer Norm Leggio was in the Progressive Metal band Psychotic Waltz and bassist Don Lauder provides a powerful punch to their sound.

When I say they will please all Metalheads, I mean that they have elements that cross the genres.  Obviously they’re heavy and fast. But they also have a lot of melody in the guitars and at times can be quite progressive.  If that’s to intense for you there’s tracks like “T.V. Crimes” and “Evelyn’s Awakening” that have a more old-school Metal feel that reminds me more of Motörhead.  These guy are one of the more diverse Thrash bands I’ve heard in ages. They understand the need for some hooks in the songs and keep things interested from beginning to end.  They’re more than just a Thrash band, they are more than that.

“The Atomic Age” is another example of their diversity. They build up to a break-neck speed in this epic track and hit you with a great chorus of gang vocals. “Bloodseeker” is another epic Metal song with lots of layers.  Then you have songs like “D.O.I” that clock in around 3 minutes and offer up a different side of the band.

Bottom line, this is an amazing release. As a fan of Metal Church, Overkill, Raven, Megadeth, Annihilator and all the great Thrash/Speed Metal bands from the past, it’s great to hear the tradition kept alive in such an impressive manner.

From their Bio:  The debut album “The Unholy Trinity” was completely mixed & mastered by Ulrich Wild (Pantera, Static X, Dethklok, White Zombie) and is out now via Sleaszy Rider Records out of Greece.

Special guest solos appear on the album from thrash metal greats Craig Locicero (Forbidden/Dress The Dead) & Jimmy Durkin (Dark Angel) as well as super shredders Laura Christine (Warface, Zimmer’s Hole) & Reece Scruggs (Havok).

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