Oslo, Norway band is the new generation of Hard Rock.

I literally feel like a teenager when I would bring home the tape of a band that very few people knew about (including myself) and it blows away my expectations. There’s a fair amount of 80’s style Glam Rock out there nowadays, Crazy Lixx, Eclipse, Kissin’ Dynamite and so on, this album and this band are easily on that level and from what I’m hearing they have that “it” factor you just cannot replicate.

With no disrespect to the previously mentioned bands, they are missing that “edge” that I like to hear.  It’s like comparing Bon Jovi to Guns N’ Roses.  NITERAIN have a more authentic bad boy image and sing more about kicking your ass than how beautiful your eyes are.  I always leaned towards bands like Faster Pussycat, Motley Crue, L.A. Guns and more obscure stuff like Cats In Boots.  NITERAIN has that kind of swagger and the songs have that edge to them as well.

From the opener “Lost And Wasted” I was hooked.  Frontman Baz has a very slight Klause Meine sound to his voice, but he’s more aggressive than the Scorpions frontman, maybe closer to a Sebastian Bach for example.   “Rock N’ Roll” also shows that Baz has some lungs on him too, he’s hitting so pretty impressive notes.

Guitarist Addy is a monster player too, his riffs are raw, dirty and heavy. They are the perfect combination the lead and backing vocals.  The entire band is involved with the vocals too, and they don’t hold back. They are melodic, but also aggressive, bordering on gang shouts.  Dafs bass guitar and Morimer’s drums provide a solid backbone to the music, with a band like they they can make or break a band and their performance brings NITERAIN to the next level.

I might be giving the impression these guys are some insane, crazy Metal band.  No, they ARE Hard Rock with even some AOR tendencies, but it’s got some balls and attitude, and that’s what sets them apart.  They do have a song called “Don’t Fade Away” that proves they are extremely talented. It’s a lighter songs with amazing melody and harmony, gives me total goosebumps and transports me back to the rock of the late 70’s and 80’s, very magical.

Overall, this is the best melodic Hard Rock album I’ve heard in a long time.  I love the work they do at Frontiers and other labels, but sorry, NITERAIN is just that damn good.  Can’t wait to hear this band for years to come.


Addy: All Guitars/Background Vocals
Dafs: Bassguitar/Background vocals
Baz: Lead Vocals
Mortimer: Drums/Backround vocals

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