It’s high time we start paying more attention to this band.

The brother/sister duo of Jeff and Sarah Teets have just made one of the more Epic Prog-Metal releases I’ve heard in some time. They’re finally getting some recognition but simply not enough. This release is epic in every way.  Jeff’s guitars are blistering fast but he shows he has several different styles in his arsenal. The solos are amazing and crisp as well. He’s very underrated to say the least.

Sarah’s vocals are strong and melodic. She sings from the diaphragm,  not this airy wimpy corset Metal that’s out there, she’s blasting it out.  They have also added a lot more gang vocals to the mix as well which I personally love. Their used of harmony overall with the vocals is far superior to bands signed to much bigger deals.

“Fight The Future”, “Shattered Self”, “Twisted Dream”, I could go on and on with great songs, but this is really an album that should be listened t as a whole. Many songs bleed into the next making this a Progressive Masterpiece. There’s enough music here for a couple albums,  you certainly get your money’s worth.

They might look like the boy and girl next door but they are GIANTS in the world of Metal.  Rich Pasqualone on bass  and drummer Mark “Truk” Bennett are world-class players as well who who deserve more recognition.

Catch them on tour if you can and pick up their whole library. Head to head I’ll put them up against anything Europe has to offer, they’re that damn good.

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