Amazing release from the former Virgin Steele guitarist.

I have to say I’m blown away by this release, even though I know Starr has a solid resume, “Stand Your Ground” really opened my eyes.

The first half of the album is stellar. Amazing and epic Power Metal at it’s best. What’s most impressive are the hooks and memorable choruses that can elude bands.  Todd Michael Hall, who’s also in Riot V, does an amazing job bringing the songs to life.  The writing is so well done you’d swear Hall and Starr have been together for years.

In the middle of the album comes a couple slower tunes that, depending on your tastes, either cause the album to loose momentum OR serve and a nice break from the anthem style Metal songs.  Personally I could do without the more ballad style songs, but to each their own, some fans will love them.

I am admittedly a fan of more compacted songs that get to the point, but even though some of the tracks here are longer than normal, they do keep you interested. It should be noted that even though Starr has a great reputation, he should be brought up a few more notches after his work here. He’s not trying to play overly fast and every solo is not a demonstration, but he’s very effective and his use of melody and harmony are superb.

Overall, one of the most pleasing Power Metal releases in quite some time, this is one you need in the collection.

Todd Michael Hall – lead and backing vocals

Jack Starr – guitars

Ned Meloni – bass guitar

Kenny “Rhino” Earl – drums

Additional rhythm, harmony guitars and acoustic guitar by Kevin Burnes.

Track Listing:

01 Secrets We Hide

02 The Enemy

03 Stand Your Ground

04 Hero

05 Destiny

06 The Sky Is Falling

07 Worlds Apart

08 Escape From The Night

09 We Are One

10 Stronger Than Steel

11 False Gods

12 To The Ends

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