Thrash from Switzerland that is truly timeless (no pun intended)

Yes, let’s just get that out of the way, the Swiss band has all the timing of their famous watches, and they’re built just as strongly.  Switzerland takes pride in everything they do, including their music, and it shows.  Their home of Basel-Landschaft hardly seems like a place you’d find aggressive music like this, I’ve been there, it’s amazing. They do have some great music in Basel though, “Bitch Queens” are awesome, but entirely different from these guys.

In all seriousness, these guys are the real deal. They have all the elements in place. They’re fast as hell, but know when to slow down and build things up.  The vocals are brutal as hell, the guitars put you in a meat grinder and the drums are just insane.  I like my old-school gang vocals and shouts and they also do that exceptionally well.  All in all I can find a lot wrong with the band other than they look a little too nice for a thrash band, but a few years on the road can fix that.

The songs are very consistent, I would venture to say you ask 10 people you might get 10 favorite songs.  “Violent Disaster” jumped out at me right away, but again, it’s a toss up. They are relentless from beginning to end and don’t let up for 11 songs, and other than the 2:00 “Beer Attack” they’re all around the four minute mark. Unlike some Thrash bands (who shall remain nameless) they’re not padding the album with 2 or 3 songs and the rest are so short you couldn’t even take a piss while they’re playing.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find as talented modern Thrashers at Freakings, they’re solid on all fronts. Hopefully they get the attention they deserve.

Simon Straumann – Schlagzeug
Toby Straumann – Bass
Jonathan Brutschin – Gitarre/Gesang

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