The German Thrashers prove Thrash is alive and well.

It’s obvious these guys take their influence from one of the greatest Thrash bands ever, Exodus.  Not only are they named after one of the their songs, vocalist Jan has a very similar style to Steve “Zetro” Souza.  I’m not saying they are a clone of Exodus, but there are similarities.  They also pay homage to Raven with “Thrash, Bang, Wallop”, so as far as I’m concerned they have their priorities strait.

Bottom line, I love this release.  As they say on their facebook page, they’re “not modern, not old school”.  I have to agree with that assessment.  Obviously they’re modern in the sense of production and technology and the changes that have been made over the years. They’re old-school in the fact that they’ve maintained a similar sound of the classic Thrashers.  They are fast, loud and furious versus the technical modern sound of many news bands.

So, if you’re like me and prefer your Thrash with a little humor sprinkled in then this is your band.  Songs like “Midnight Fistfight”, “Thrash Metal Symphony”, “Death Is Loud” and R.I.P (Rest In POWER) are classic Thrash anthems.  Fabulous Desaster seem to be more about having a party and breaking shit as opposed to some bands more interested in self-loathing and anger.

I mentioned Raven earlier, they have a very similar attitude to the legendary band. I can imagine their shows are extremely energetic and more like a sporting event where there’s bodies flying around and beer being consumed in mass quantities.

I’ll finish with this. You’re never to old to thrash, it’s become a timeless genre that still appeals to Metalheads around the world and Fabulous Desaster are a band for the ages.

Lead Guitar/Vox – Jan
Drums – Luke
Bass/Vox – Andi
Lead Guitar – Matthes


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