One of the last bands standing from the 80’s EMN is back.Technically EMN is a 90’s band as their first big hit “Love Can Make You Blind” came out in 1990. They were part of the Southern Rock influenced late 80’s push with bands like Southgang, Firehouse, Tora Tora and others too numerous to mention.

They managed to stick around until 94 or so thanks to their second release “Wake Up Screaming” at the hit “I Hate Myself” (which fit the self-loathing 90’s grunge I guess).  They were certainly one of the better bands to come from this era, solid writing and songs listeners could relate to. As rock was evolving, their bluesy rock style started bleeding over to the County scene who stole a lot from the 80’s Hair bands.

EMN has been around for the most part since the early 90’s putting out an album every decade or so. “Grind” is their first full-length 2002 “Deeper Shade Of Grey”. Frontman Rick Ruhl has remained the one consistent member so they’ve always kept their overall sound in tact.

EMN is based in Memphis and Southern Rock is in their blood. The music is really just an updated sound from their earlier material.  Much like their 90’s material, when you break it down it’s just guitar driven hard rock. They add some more modern elements so fit today’s music, but for the most part they aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel.

EMN sing about life in general, the hardships, relationships and going out and kicking ass, all things people can relate to. Rock is universal and timeless with it’s message and that’s how EMN have gone forward. One could argue they’re not heavy and dark enough for today’s kids but still to heavy and dark for the older rock crowd. I chose to believe they fit fans of all ages.

Even though the first release was “Loco Crazy” I prefer “Snake”, “Stand Up” and “Swing Again”, but in reality the songs are all solid. There’s some surprisingly good live tracks as well that are a special treat for their long-time fans.

As far as bands from the late 80’s go, these guys are anything from embarrassing themselves by going out on the road, they’re just adding to their legacy.



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