REVIEW: DESTRUCTOR “Decibal Casualties”

American veteran Thrashers churn out another powerhouse.

Their Facebook page says they are a “Power Thrash” Metal band and I can agree with that description, even if I’m tired of all the labels.

Dave Overkill’s vocals are mostly clean and very old-school because, well, they are. They’ve been around since the early 80’s. Impressive for a bunch of old farts (I’m old too don’t worry).  The songs are nothing ground-breaking, but they’re not supposed to be.

Thrash Metal is often more about the reckless aggression that is closely related to it’s fucked up cousin “Punk Rock”. The major difference is that Metal is more about precision and and timing and these guys excel in that department. The band is very tight from top to bottom and can hold their own with the best of them.

If you’re into the early 80’s Thrash and Speed Metal like Anvil, Raven and the NWOBHM you’ll appreciated “Decibal Casualties”.

Dave Overkill vocals/guitars
Nick Annihilator Guitars
Tim Hammer Bass Destruction
Matt Flammable Drum thunder

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