REVIEW: DEAD FURIES “No Talkin’ All Action”

I’m going to start this review in a way I’ve never done before…

FUCK!  Goddamn these guys are fucking awesome. Yeah, that’s very unprofessional but that’s all I could keep thinking while listening to this three-piece from Estonia.  To my knowledge, it’s the first band I’ve reviewed from Estonia (which is just South of Finland).  I had no idea what to expect and they blew me away.

There’s all kinds of comparisons and genres I can use here, but breaking them down, it’s Rock N’ Roll at it’s purest form. Nothing fancy, just killer riffs and big hooks.  Many might call it Punk, which certainly plays a part, but they are more aware of melody than Punkers.  There’s also elements of Glam mixed in as well.  (They even have a song called ‘Listen to T. Rex’).

 You can hear parts of the Ramones, Sex Pistols, AC/DC and numerous other bands that feature smokin’ guitar, gang vocals and catchy songs.  Ironically the band they remind me most of is a band from Switzerland called ‘Bitch Queens’, who also infuse decades of rock together.

And that’s the irony, they are blending a lot of sounds together, but in the end, they’re simply a hard rockin’ fun band.  Songs like ‘C’mon C’mon” and ‘Shimmy Shake’ are almost throwbacks to the 50’s. ‘Gimme Shock’ and “Gotta Make Noize’ are strait to the point party songs.

My absolute favorite song is “Dance Of Death” though, the chorus is so fucking catchy I just wanna break shit and slam a beer.  Dammit this is what rock is all about, making you feel unstoppable and making you forget about all the shit going on around you.

I can’t recommend this one enough, if radio had the guts to play this I promise it would go over. Younger people would love the retro feel, the older crowd would just feel at home.  It’s music for the ages because Rock N’ Roll will NEVER die.


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