REVIEW: CUSTARD “A Realm Of Tales”

German journeyman should be getting more attention.

The word “epic” comes to mind when I listen to Custard’s latest “A Realm Of Tales”. And even though it’s a little more fantasy-based for my taste, you cannot deny the talent and exceptional song writing. Olli Strasser’s voice is superb as he wails out every tune like it’s the last song he’ll ever sing.

The production is up there with anything on the bigger labels. Pure Steel Records has a reputation for putting out quality stuff, but this Custard release is at another level.

Is seems to have somewhat of a theme, lots of talk about snow for sure. But many songs stand alone too, “Arabian Nights”, “Witch Hunter” and “Sign Of Evil” were ones I leaned to.

Fans of Kamelot and Stratovarius will appreciate this release.  There’s a lot going on here, it truly is “epic”.

Band Members

Olli Strasser – voc
Carsten Reichart – gtr
Stefan Klempnauer – gtr
Markus Berghammer – bass
Chris Klapper – drums

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