LIVE MUSIC CLUB – Lyzzard’s Lounge, Prescott AZ

Punk, djs and other live music in a cool atmosphere.

FROM FACEBOOK:  Lyzzard’s Lounge has had several names in its 107 year history at 120 North Cortez in Prescott, Arizona.

Back in 1905, our beginning, Scully’s began the legacy in the brand new 2 story building we remain in today. After some period of time, it became Liedo’s Buffet. During the prohibition years many bars changed their names to evade the Federal Governments imposition of the Prohibition Act. As everyone knew when the “Revenuers” were coming to town bars put out soda crackers and cheese, no alcohol until they left town. As the train depot was at the end of Cortez Street, travelers would stay the night in the many hotels on the block. After getting a hotel room for the night, restaurants and cafe’s were the next stop. After this they would hit the bars and brothels.

On the second floor of Lyzzard’s was the brothel. A rope and pulley dumbwaiter sent up the drinks for the patrons and ladies upstairs. After a fun night the travelers would return to their hotel rooms sleeping off the nights activities and catch the train the next morning.

Sometime before Liedo’s Buffet the bar changed names to Joy’s Buffet for a short time. Elizabeth and Richard Long acquired the bar and changed the name to Lyzzard’s combining their first names. Two other ownership took place and in February 2008 Lex Guinn, its current owner moved from Houston, Texas, closed and completely renovated the bar and remains today.

Of significant history the back and front bar was built by Brunswick in 1894. The bar was ordered from a catalog shipped from Austria around the horn of Africa, to San Francisco, California, and then to Prescott on a mule train. It is said to be one of the most original and ornate bars in Northern Arizona, you decide. If only the bar could talk, we could have a real reality show of all those who have passed through this place.

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120 N Cortez St
Prescott, Arizona

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